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Opposite of Regret

Posted by Rystefn on August 20, 2008

So I’ve gone another far too long without writing. I guess I just didn’t want to replace such an upbeat post as the latest. Health problems have been creating issues here lately, and I’ve been failing more and more catastrophically at my goal of not dwelling on what’s happening. In my irrepressible Rystefn fashion, I’ve been trying to twist that into something worthwhile, though. We all know that we are mortal, at least, those of us who aren’t living in a fantasy world, anyway. Few of us, however, are given to know, even in the broadest sense, how long we might have. Some of you may have noticed that my online presence at night has all but disappeared this last week or so. I’ve taken to caring a bit more about what I leave behind me, and I’ve been using my nights to say goodbye while I still can. Some people have begun to notice that I look unwell, and since I still stand my purpose of keeping this out of certain ears, my time to do so is rather more limited than the already short time I might otherwise have.

I’ve tried to live my life with no regrets, and I’ve been far more successful than most people on that front, I think. Now, I’m trying to remedy the last few, and to make sure I don’t collect any new ones in the time I have left. I’m not sure if there’s a word that’s the opposite of regret in English, but here is a list of things that I opposite of regret.

  • My last words to my grandmother before she died were “I love you.”
  • I have stood inside buildings crafted by humans before even the seeds of my own culture were sown.
  • I have seen, in person, the work of such masters as DaVinci and Michelangelo.
  • I have made love with a beautiful woman in the rain.
  • I have chopped down a tree with an axe.
  • I have sailed so far that I couldn’t see the lights of the shore and gazed up at the uncounted stars.
  • I have created works of art which will live on beyond me.
  • I have been moved to tears by music.
  • I have lived on a continent other than the one on which I was born.
  • I have spoken to people who do not understand a word of my native language.
  • I have changed my mind.
  • My mind has been changed by others.
  • I spent the last penny I had…
  • …on a woman.
  • I raised animals for several generations in the same bloodline, seeing reproduction with variation with my own eyes.
  • I cried when some of them were selected against.
  • I have been to parties so good that I’m not sure how they ended.
  • I spent ten thousand dollars on a party once.
  • I have fired a cannon.
  • I remember every person I have ever slept with…
  • …I have never counted them.
  • The language “barrier” is not high enough to stop me from having sex with someone with whom I did not share a tongue. Some things need no words.
  • I made homemade jam.
  • I’ve worn a space suit
  • As a practical joke, I’ve left two wills with mutually exclusive instructions on how to deal with my remains.
  • When I say, “I’ll be there with bells on,” it’s not an expression.
  • I don’t know what it’s like to blend into a crowd.
  • I have lived up to my philosophy that if you there are not people in your life that hate you, you’re living it wrong.
  • I have known love in my life. I’ve loved and been loved. This, above all, has made my life worth something.

I hope that I can fill my last days with as much joy as I’ve known so far. You’ve all helped me on that front, and I thank you.

14 Responses to “Opposite of Regret”

  1. fivemoreminutesplease said

    This is beautiful.

  2. Rystefn said

    Well, I’ve been away most of the times we used to talk, so that might be why you don’t see me online so much anymore. I’m just getting back in, now, 5:30 local time. Sometimes I wish I could just gather all my friends in one place. I’ll try to call you again soon.

    Also, get a job as an arms dealer, and you too can play with all kinds of fun weapons. I kind of wish I could make a complete list, but I’m so much more glad that I can’t… recounting all the fun and interesting things I’ve done in my life would be an epic task – and I’d rather fill the time with more fun and interesting things. Like a threesome with Famke Janssen and Kate Beckinsale.

  3. Imrryr said

    Hmm… if you succeed in your plans for Famke and Kate I believe that entitles you to deification, or at least a constellation or three associated with you and your epic deeds. You could take Orion’s place since he doesn’t deserve to be up there. Just a thought.

  4. Lou FCD said

    I just wanted to pop in and wish you the best possible birthday, Rystefn.

  5. Kaylia said

    I really like your list and agree with Improbable Bee… I also need a list like this.

  6. Rystefn said

    Then make one. It was a very positive experience for me. I hope it would be the same for you.

  7. Kay said

    I started one… well actually 2; Things I am proud I did in my life and Things I wish I had done in my life..

    Guess which one was longer?

    It was a sobering experience.

    There were a few things on my 2nd list that I was shocked by.

    Will continue to work on these lists…. might blog about them at some point, but regardless…. thank you for the food for thought.

  8. Rystefn said

    I hope to see the lists when they are done.

    ..and anything that makes someone think is a good thing in some way.

  9. Sparrow said

    This was a jolt out of the blue. I typed in ‘opposite of regret’ on google hoping to know just that. The word in the english dictionary which would qualify as the exact opposite of ‘regret’. And I found this.
    I can’t even begin to recount the times when I have made a list of things I regret, mentally. But, if I try to make a list of things I don’t regret, I can’t get past Item no. 1. It’s truly an awakening experience when we realize that we remember everything that seemed to be a mistake but close to nothing of anything that… isn’t.
    I won’t write much more here. But I shall begin to write everyday from now on. Not to publish but for myself to read. Nothing can be more uplifting than admiration from your worst critic, right?

  10. Slick said

    I found this page the same way Sparrow did (quite by accident) but wanted to thank you for the inspiration. The funny thing is…I’ve done most of what’s on your list…and had quite forgotten them in the humdrum of daily life.
    Thanks again.

  11. Em Kay said

    Again, I also found this post like Slick and Sparrow, and funnily enough I was trying to find a would that accurately opposed regret to write about an experience just like the ones you have written above. It is a sad thing, I think, that the English language doesn’t contain a word the encapsulates the beauty of not regretting something, of being thankful it, in the same way that the word regret does that feeling of melancholy and loss.

    I have never commented on posts or the musings of others before – I prefer to be a silent ship in the night. Coming, smiling, and going. But your post was just so wonderful that I had to commend you on both your execution and the idea of your list. I am inspired. Thank you.

  12. Nethu said

    Typed ‘opposite of regret’ in google hoping find the exact word… But found this instead. Does english even have a word opposite to regret? It had never occurd to me till today. English is not my native language so maybe there is, maybe i just dont know it. But why not, I have read a lot and i dont think I ever came across that word.. It seems strange.. Regrets I have come across a lot.. By not much the opposite.. Thinking of the short life behind me (me only being 17) I recall many regrets but not much of the opposite (there might be few too soon to say).. But on the plus side i have a long life ahead of me (I hope) & I will try my best to do things I will ‘opposite of regret’ 😀

  13. Rystefn said

    Considering that exact search accounts for more traffic to this blog than all other sources combined, I’m starting to think that there really, really isn’t one. That makes me sad in way.

  14. Nethu said

    Would cherish do?? ‘I regret that moment.’ ‘I cherish that moment.’ Not completly..
    ‘It is one of my greatest regrets.’ ‘It is one of my greatest ……………..’ Urrghh! 😡
    Regret is such a complex emotion… Maybe thats why…

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