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What the fuck is wrong with people?

Posted by Rystefn on July 23, 2011

So, over at PZ’s bastion of idiocy, he pointed out that he had run afoul of the scourge of the internet. A neck-deep bog of misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and every other label he and his crew can think to pile on those who do not toe the party line. Skipping right over the part where disliking something is a phobia, you may be asking yourself what this perfidious den of evil was… Normally, I would hesitate to even type the words, but for your own safety, I must tell you: online gaming.

Yeah, I know. His first mistake was to think that playing WoW makes him a fucking gamer and gives him any acquaintance with the actual world of gamers. May as well call himself a gamer because he plays Angry Birds and Farmville. So, super-nerd that I am, neck deep in nerd pastimes of all sorts, I make the insane decision to wade into that shitstorm and try to explain to them the difference between bigotry and trolling. For some reason, anyone who calls someone a fag as an insult clearly thinks of homosexuality as wrong, despite the fact that in the same sentence, they carefully explain how often they fuck your father. Must be one of those self-hating fags, I guess. Somehow, the idea that a person would use whatever words get a reaction regardless of what they actually are is so alien to them that they cannot even understand what I’m saying. Somehow, by explaining to them what they are dealing with, I have also become a misogynist, bigot, etc.

They cannot grasp that in the world of gaming, “bitch” is gender neutral. “Bitch captured the flag!” tells you nothing about the sex or gender of the person that did it. Of course, rather than admit that they were beaten on that point, they twisted the argument to pretend that by using the word “bitch” as an insult, I was somehow a men’s rights activist. Never you mind that it was actually someone else’s example initially. That person, being one of the True Believers, was immune from such accusations… but what do you expect from people who are so hardwired into tribalism that they thing if you half-agree with someone on one thing, then you are allies and guilty by association, and that if you actually agree of three or four, you must the closest of compatriots and BFFs.

Interestingly, that’s not really the meat of my post here, though. Everyone knows what that festering den is like. Read on for the actual point:

Way down, at comment 646, one John Morales posts the following:


You can ban as many words as you like, and it will not prevent me from expressing any idea.

(mental image of you attempting to express that idea via caperings and grunts)

I feel that my response to this was insufficient to explain exactly what meant to me (hence, this post), but I will include it for completeness, and so that none may accuse me of trying to hide what I said (though I stand by it).

Morales posits that by banning all words, he can ban ideas. There are many, many fields of art that would take umbrage with such a claim, sir. You insult uncounted millions of artists throughout the ages and across the world by such a claim. Paintings and sculpture, mime and interpretive dance, all tossed in the bin with nary a thought.

That. John, is by far the most vile idea that anyone on this thread has posited, or even been accused of positing, thus far. You sicken me to the core. Words fail spectacularly at expressing my contempt for you. I would spit in your face and be glad to serve my jail time for it were you to express such a thing in my presence.

I say, without hyperbole, for only the second time in my life: the world would be a better place without you in it. I hope you die, sir. I hope. You die.

Allow me to expand upon this idea: If there is one thing in all of humanity which gives us any value as a species, one thing which makes our existence worthwhile, it is art. Feel free to point out chimps and elephants and any nonhuman art you like, my only response to it will be to say that any species which possesses the capacity to create art is elevated by doing so. Language of words allows you and I to understand one another. Hell, it allows the Romans and the Egyptians, and the Babylonians to speak to us… but all of that could be lost. Without the Rosetta stone, Egyptian would be gone. Without Greek and Latin, the Rosetta stone would have been useless. It requires a continuous chain or immediate interaction for language to work.

Art, though… art speaks to us down through the ages. If neolithic humans tens of thousands of years ago had written upon the walls of caves with words, there is no chance we would ever know what they were trying to say. Zero. It would be forever lost. Whatever language they used would be completely incomprehensible to us with no hope of recovery. Luckily, they didn’t. Instead, they gave us beautiful paintings of horses and bulls and hunters… Have you seen these paintings? I have. They evoke movement, emotion, majesty, power, speed. They compel the mind and the emotions. They are in every way equal to any of the great works of any artist you could name.

At a time when the most advanced technology in the world was the needle and thread, these people managed to speak to us, their descendants, across tens of thousands of years, with perfect clarity. I stand in awe of what they accomplished. For all of our vaunted knowledge, how likely is it that will be able to do the same? If we can, it will be through the same medium. It will only be through art.

And this useless fucktard dismisses the most dramatic and astounding accomplishment the human race has ever achieved with an offhand comment like it’s nothing. This useless piece of shit who’s greatest contribution to history is not destroying anything of lasting value (I hope… I hope he manages to die having accomplished that) casually mocks, literally without thinking about it, an achievement he couldn’t even conceive of attempting to duplicate.

So, yes, I stand by what I said. If anything, I think it was too forgiving of me. If I were to pull someone from a burning building, and it turned out to be him, I would risk life and limb to stuff him back in. It’s a good thing I’m not a firefighter.

6 Responses to “What the fuck is wrong with people?”

  1. Myers would be an unknown academic had he not embraced the New Atheist movement with such fervor or skill. However, despite all of his hard work and loyalty, he knows that he’ still a second tier personality within the movement. Worse for him, unlike the four horsemen (Hitchens, Harris, Dennett, and Dawkins) and most of the tier-two personalities in the movement (Shermer), he has no book and very small body of work outside of his blog. If Scienceblogs decided to get nasty and nuke his site from their servers at, say the start of a long weekend, his standing and importance in the atheist/skeptic communities would take a permanent hit.

    Myers knows that he has little chance of gaining fourth horseman status. He lacks the street-cred and following of even Sam Harris. So, to stay relevant he’s going to have to find new causes to carry forth. Watch, given enough time, he’ll be reduced to railing against “micro aggressions” and christian privilege long after his atheist community achieves a reasonable level of equality.

  2. Rystefn said

    One might debate whether he’s as high as second-tier, but I honestly don’t care. He’s a hanger-on and an also-ran in any event. He’s swiftly starting to realize that outside of the little micro-subculture to which he and Laden their goons belong, no one gives a shit what he has to say because most of us see through his grandstanding.While he does occasionally have interesting things to say, and he does occasionally say them well, it’s not enough to maintain a following, so he had to jump on to this radfem pseudo-skepticism cult to make sure anyone remembers his name.

  3. The real meme said

    So, Rystefn has grown up has he? I seem to remember you railing on me when I said those exact, same things over at Laden’s and Pizzies blogs about their fauxminist tendencies.

    I mean, you are a feminist man right?

  4. Rystefn said

    I have no recollection of ever saying anything of the sort. Are you sure that was me? The only real arguments I ever got into on PZ’s blog (besides this last one) was about guns, and the only thing I ever much got involved with at Greg’s was about that “rape switch” insanity he likes to spew. I’d greatly appreciate if you could link me to the conversations in question, or at least point me in the right direction.

  5. 0verlord said

    You know, this whole drama wasn’t ever about sexism or anything meaningful for that matter. It is and always has been about loudmouthed, sanctimonious jerks who take it upon themselves to tell others how they ought to act and what they ought to think.

    This may be a purely personal thing (though I don’t suspect that it is) but when people presume to tell me how to behave, I tell them to fuck off.

  6. Rystefn said

    “This may be a purely personal thing (though I don’t suspect that it is) but when people presume to tell me how to behave, I tell them to fuck off.”

    Yeah, that was my response to PZ’s goons.

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