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Are you Stalking Me?

Posted by Rystefn on July 23, 2011

So, looking at my stats this evening, I came across a curiosity. The top search that’s leading people he is still “opposite of regret,” as it has been since I wrote the post (the English language really seems to need a word that means that… can we hijack one from somewhere else? German? Japanese? Portuguese, I’m looking at you…), but the second place entry was “Rystefn Skepchick.” Now, either someone is really interested to see what I have to say on the subject, or someone’s digging around for a connection, right? Am I missing something?

Look, there’s a history there, and it’s no secret. I’ll give you the whole story, and believe me, I don’t come off as the good guy in it, if you like. I’m just curious: if you’re one of the people running that search, what are you looking for?

5 Responses to “Are you Stalking Me?”

  1. Lamna nasus said

    Don’t worry Rystefn, I’m not stalking.. just trying to verify some claims being made about your friendship with Watson.. I don’t have an axe to grind with either of you..I just dislike debating people making inaccurate claims about people they don’t know on forums.. so I was simply trying to establish what the real facts were.. but it appears it all happened a few years back so I was just playing with searches to see what popped up.. be happy to hear what you have to say.

    – Lamna nasus

  2. Justicar said

    If by running a “search” you mean running a train with you, I’m in!

    My favorite search query has been, “jref forum rebecca watson sock puppet”. That’s actually been used 8 times this week to find me. That’s an awfully particular set of criteria I dare say.

    Rebecca Twatson is leading by a substantial margin though. Just behind that is Justicar Twatson.


  3. Rystefn said

    Lamna Nasus: I thought it was something like that. Yeah, it’s been a few years since all that went down. The short version is that I had decided to write what I thought was an interesting kind of story about death and loss and that sort of thing. Being the person I am (no sense of scale and generally pretty callous), somewhere I came up with the idea that the best way to do it was to spring it on a bunch of unsuspecting people. The unsuspecting people in question wound up being largely comprised of the Skepchick community. Along the way, I had actually become pretty good with a few of them. Right after I got to the bit where I died, my own father actually died, and I lost all motivation to keep on with it, so I made a video explaining what had happened, e-mailed all the people I knew of who had been caught up in it, and called the whole thing off. So, if I’m being accused of faking my own death to people I considered my friends, that’s accurate. Mind if I ask what people are saying and where?

    Justicar: Choo-choo!

    Seriously, though… Justicar Twatson? You two getting married or something? Did you split up her first marriage? You homewrecker!

  4. Lamna nasus said

    Thanks for filling in some of the blanks Rystefn, I had come across a reference to the staged ‘death’ on a blog by one of the Skepchick community.. although that aspect had not been part of the debate, which was more to do with your video.

    The debate is over at the Rational Skepticism forum on a thread discussing ‘Atheism and Feminism (or, Watson v. Dawkins)’, which by the time I came across the thread (quite late) seemed to have descended into ‘lets frag Watson’ with the most chauvinist vitriol possible.. thus lending considerable weight to Watson’s original point about chauvinism in the atheist community.. my opposition to that vitriol, led to an extremely ‘robust’ discussion, which after the intervention of a moderator (apparently some people didn’t see the funny side of an Austin Powers clip I posted) seems to have achieved the desired result, namely considerably less chauvinist bullshit (for the moment anyway).
    If you want to have a look, the link is below.. be warned it is a very long (91 pages and still running) thread.


    Lamna nasus

  5. Justicar said

    I don’t have a stalker, but I have a gamer nerd threatening me with lawsuits. =P

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