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The Continuing Drama

Posted by Rystefn on July 8, 2011

A new voice of reason has entered the fray… Paula Kirby relates the following:

I see a parallel here with one of the arguments we often have with the religious. Many of the religious don’t want to abandon belief in God because they find the thought of having to stand on their own two feet too daunting: they are afraid of having to take responsibility for themselves. And generally speaking, we atheists might have some sympathy with the fear, but we don’t accept it as a good reason for giving in to it: ‘Tough’, we say: ‘That’s just the way it is’. And that’s sort of what I’m saying here too. All of us have to take responsibility for ourselves, make things happen for ourselves, learn from our mistakes, brush up our skills, and stop waiting for other people to make things easy for us.

You should go read that now if you want to see what reason looks like. If you prefer to see more drivel about privilege and failure to grasp that disagreement might be more than a failure to understand what you’re saying, then you should go here instead. Is there a feminine of “mansplaining”? Nah, that’s not right. It would be wrong to imply that only women get all condescending and talk to people about privilege as though that’s the only reason a person could hold a different opinion…

Also, check out the new TAM schedule.

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All Good Things

Posted by Rystefn on April 27, 2009

Given that my readership has most likely fallen away to zero at this point, there’s little point in making this post, I think. Still, here it is.

If you’re wondering where I’ve been this last month and change, it will likely come as no surprise that my time has been steadily invested in being around a certain attractive woman. Sadly, it seems this chapter of my life is coming to a close. She the usual meaningless speech about how it’s not me, it’s her, complained about my inability to read her mind and magically know what she wants at any given time… the usual things. She pretended she wasn’t seeing someone else, and I pretended to believe her, then I left so she could get ready for her date tonight.

She said we could give it another try later, or somesuch, insisting the she loves me still. She asked me wait, knowing what has happened in my life. Knowing how long I tortured myself in the vain hope that my wife would come back, she asked me to wait. Once, I was in love so deeply that when the woman in question suggested I move across the country to live with her near her family, I quit my job. I saw her to the airport, when she traveled ahead to make things ready. She said she would call when it was time for me to follow. I waited in my apartment, with all my belongings in boxes, until the police had to come and forcibly evict me. I still haven’t unpacked most of it. You may not have known this, but she did. Knowing the torment I’ve been through (yes, that I put myself through, but still), she asked me to wait again. It was the most intentionally hurtful thing I’ve ever been told in a breakup.

Do you know what the worst part is? Much as she made me happy, and as much as I enjoyed spending time with her, and as alone as I feel tonight – I felt just as alone last night. It hurts that she’s gone, but not so much more than it hurt when we were together.

I guess I never really started caring again after I lost my Dove. I just starting faking it better… even to myself.

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Rough Patch

Posted by Rystefn on February 19, 2009

Yeah, I know, I disappeared for so long I’ve probably got exactly zero people reading these days. In the interest of trying to not sound like some whiney emo kid, let’s just say the last several weeks sucked hard, and I’ll try to go back to posting semi-regularly in the near future.

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Chrifsmas Time

Posted by Rystefn on December 23, 2008

So I have a friend I’ve known for a long time (coming up on fifteen years now, actually). She’s one of those people who has a good instinctive ability to assess people’s motivations and mindstates, which I’m sure we’ve all encountered from time to time among the people we know. She’s privvy to my periodic bouts of depression, and indeed most of the problems I’ve had in my life. She told me once, not so long ago, that pretty much the only I could ever do to surprise her would be to die on a day that wasn’t the 24th or 25th of December.

Thinking on that, I decided that I should say: I’ll probably disappear until after the New Year. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be back around in a week and a half or so.

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Why I support universal healthcare

Posted by Rystefn on June 20, 2008

A lot of the people I know are in favor of it for a plethora of reasons: the millions of children who have to make do, the self-employed who can’t afford the non-group rates, the artificial inflation of pricing to the non-insured so that insurance companies can have the 90% discounts they demand, the forcing of people to have older, outdated procedures because they’re cheaper… I have a different reason. Read the rest of this entry »

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