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Of Elevators and Keynotes and Other Fancy Things

Posted by Rystefn on July 7, 2011

So apparently people have been following my comments back here. Given that my last post was a year and a half ago, I don’t imagine it’s serving much purpose. Now, I can’t imagine a reason why anyone would follow one of my comments back here unless they cared to some degree or another about what I’ve been saying, I guess I should go ahead and spell it out neatly, in plain English, all in one place. Yes, this is going to offend some people. No, I don’t give a shit.

I don’t imagine many people are reading this who don’t know, but here’s the quick recap:

Some person hits on another person in an elevator, this is deemed a Bad Thing.
Wait what?
Ludicrous speed, GO!
A voice of reason.

Lots of people are throwing around links to the Schrodinger’s Rapist thing, to which I refuse to link, because it’s that insane.

So here’s my take on it: Who gives a fuck if someone hit on someone else in an elevator at night? The worst thing I see here is a clumsy pass or a clumsier invitation for actual conversation. Whatever. If you think that’s creepy, that’s fine. You go ahead and think that. If you think other people should change their behavior to coddle your paranoia, you’re stupid. If you think half the fucking human race should change their behavior around the other half because you’re convinced that the second half are equally fucked up as you are, and being fragile little girls, need to be protected, then you are an enemy of equality in generally and feminism specifically. Fuck you. Some women actually understand risk assessment. Some women aren’t crazy paranoid.

If you think you have to assume that all men are rapists to keep yourself safe, then you are insane. If you think all women should act that way, then you’re worse than insane.

On the subject of naming names and whatnot, I’ve got little to add, since ERV spelled it out so damned well (see the voice of reason link above). There’s hope yet, apparently.

About Dawkins: If you think his statement that there are real issues in the world, so why are we talking about a guy in an elevator who didn’t do anything but ask and take “no” for an answer trivializes Rebecca’s experience, you’re wrong. It was already trivial. His point wasn’t “Worse things are happening in the world, so let’s ignore this bad thing.” It was “Actually bad things are happening in the world, so let’s ignore this nothing.” I happen to agree 100%

I know I’m going to be called a misogynist, a tool of the patriarchy, a part of the rape culture. I know I’ll be accused of being a privileged white dude who “doesn’t get it.” I am absolutely certain that someone will tell me that I should stop “mansplaining” and just listen. Well guess what? Fuck you. I have listened. It’s all bullshit. Women don’t have special magical powers that make them right about all things relating to rape or sexism or whatever. You fucking individual experience does not make you an expert. You are not a statistically significant sample size. You know how many women will be raped at some point in their lives? No you fucking don’t. No one does. Anyone who says otherwise lying out their ass. News flash, fucko: people lie. People lie on anonymous surveys. Women, too. Blah, blah, now I’m calling women liars. You’re goddamned right, I am. People are liars, and women are people too.  Therefore woman are liars.

You know how many men will be raped at some point in their lives? No. No one does. You know what we do know? That rape where men are the victims are reported at an even lower rate than rape where women are the victims. That there are people in this world, even in the U.S., and yes, in the feminist movement, who think that women never rape men. That men are never sexually harassed or assaulted. Oh, but it happens less, I’m hearing. How the fuck do you know? That’s right. You don’t. It’s reported less. Why is it reported less? Maybe it does happen less. We don’t know. We do know that accusations are taken less seriously and are more likely to dismissed out of hand.

In closing, let me be abundantly clear: if you think we live in a rape culture, then you are living a blessed life. Because in this world, there are real rape cultures, and if you looked at one even once, you would never refer to the U.S. as one again. Do you know what a rape camp is? When you see one openly set up at your local university (no, a frat party does NOT count), then you can call it a rape culture. Until then, shut the fuck up, you know nothing about the subject.

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