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Silence is the Enemy

Posted by Rystefn on June 1, 2009

I know sometimes I write about horrible things, but today there’s a difference: the horrible thing in question is really happening. Sometimes it’s easy for us to forget, but we live in a world full of horrors to which most of us turn a blind eye. We close our eyes and pretend it isn’t happening in the hopes that it will go away… or at least that we won’t have to think about it. By doing this, we give the perpetrators of such crimes the power to continue. There are brave people in this world, though, who refuse to be silent. Who stand up and make noise, and donate money to helping the victims. There are those who question how much good raising awareness can do, and they make some valid points, but the simple fact is this – so long as people remain unaware, evil people can keep committing these atrocities. Silence is the Enemy


3 Responses to “Silence is the Enemy”

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