The Last Road

Living every day like it's the last… because one day, it will be.

Lady Ilenya

Posted by Rystefn on May 29, 2009

So I think I may have created a character even nastier than Gaelyn… this is a short excerpt from something I’ve been writing.

Lord Asuga rode out to meet her before the battle, to discuss the terms. Much of her army was comprised of renegades from his own lands, and honor demanded he cut them down, but protocol dictated parley before battle, and Asuga was not one to so boldly violate the rules of etiquette. Lady Ilenya was waiting for him with her captains, but he spared them little more than a glance. To do otherwise would be beneath him, or so he told himself. Truly, it was difficult to look away from the woman, sitting tall in the saddle of the snow-white stallion she had claimed as a trophy in battle from his own king. She insulted him to ride it here, and he would take it out in her blood. She hadn’t even the courtesy to dress for the occasion, her armor bearing many dents and scars without a hint of polish. He would teach this barbarian from the north manners and a woman’s proper place.

“My lord, the great and noble Khan, King of Ichamur and Emperor of the Shining South bids me make known to you…”

“Your Khan still owes me tack and harness for my horse. Unless he offers it now, I’ve no interest in what he has to say.”

Lord Asuga sputtered in rage, but before he could speak the barbarian bitch interrupted him again. “Here are my terms Asuga,” she began, “you and your men have two options, and there will be no negotiation. I will take Narra from you today, Asuga. There is nothing you can do to change this. If you fight me for it, then you and every man here will be killed. Your body will be dragged behind the baggage train to your city and nailed to the gates. Every man there will be put to the sword. Your women will be sold into slavery after they have been used as harlots for my army. Your fine white horses, the pride of the Shining South, will be ground into dog food, and the breed will be wiped from the face of history. Then, I shall burn the city to the ground with all the children of your people still within the walls.

“If, however, you surrender your army and your claim to the land, I will garrison the city and protect it from the wrath of your Khan. I will bring trade from the north, bedecking your women with gold and jewels. I will build schools for your children and import the finest teachers in the world. Narra will be a shining beacon in the south, the pride of your people.” She paused, and the gleam in her feral blue eyes caused a shiver to run down his spine. “And every year, I will personally deliver one hundred flawless snow-white foals to you in whatever city you choose to dwell… over the walls. By trebuchet.”


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