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Sin of the Week: Lust

Posted by Rystefn on March 3, 2009

So I thought I should post something in response to the Sin of the Week anti-Lent doodad over at Perhaps we learned something. This week, the sin is lust, possibly my favorite virtue… what? It’s a vice? Pfft. Says you…

Where was I? Oh yes, lust. Anyone who knows me could easily assume I have tons of lust-oriented stories, and mostly, they’d be right. It’s not really my style to make such things public unless the other person or people in question have already done so. Many people don’t appreciate that sort of thing, and I’d rather not betray their trust that way. Luckily for you, I can be fairly certain that all the people involved in this particular story don’t mind.

If you’re familiar with JanieBelle and Kate, I don’t need to tell you that this is going to be a touch NSFW…

The knock came at 3:47am. It was unexpected, but also unsurprising. People who knew him knew where he lived, even if he wasn’t often there. He wasn’t expecting company for another twelve hours, but he made no secret of his insomnia, and it was common knowledge that visitors were welcome at all hours, day or night.

When he answered the door, there was a moment of stunned silence as the words “1.93 meters tall” became very real to the young women at the door, and as the words “it was hotter than we thought it would be, so we took off some of our clothes while we waited” became very real to him. “I told you he’d be awake,” Janie called over her shoulder to Kate, throwing her arms around him.

“I’m always awake,” he laughed, picking her up and pulling her inside. “And you’re letting all the cool air out.” He tried to put her down so he could help Kate bring in their bags. Even staying for just the weekend, they brought more than he’d owned at several points in his life. Janie, however, wasn’t in the mood for being put down and wouldn’t let go. By the time, he’d made even a decent start at disentangling himself, everything was already inside and stacked neatly in the hall closet.

“What’s wrong?” Kate asked with a mocking smile. “I thought you’d be happy to have a sexy young girl hanging all over you…” Lightly running her fingers through his long hair, she added, “don’t you like us, Riss… Rice… How DO you say it, anyway?”

“Which brings us to the true purpose of this little visit…” he said with a chuckle. Kate’s playful shove wouldn’t have been enough to knock him over, but Janie was pulling him off balance, and he fell anyway, landing on the couch with Janie on top of him. Instinctively grabbing onto her so she wouldn’t bounce to the floor (he’d wrestled his fair share of females), he somehow managed to get one hand under her skirt and his face pressed into her right breast. He even managed to almost convince himself it was entirely by accident.

“Well, that’s one way to negotiate,” he mumbled into her soft skin as she laughed and squirmed in his arms.

“Hey now! You’re feeling up my girlfriend,” Kate cried, pulling his hand off of Janie’s leg. “I’m the one who’s supposed to be getting the answer out of you.” She pressed his hand against her thigh, and slowly slid it up between her legs until his fingers brushed against her thong. “Now this just isn’t fair, you’re wearing more clothes than both of us combined. Janie, you hold him down while I correct the situation.”

She dropped his hand and stepped over to his feet, unbuckling his boots. “I love these boots, where did you get them?”

“Fort… Mmph… Knox,” he answered around Janie’s lips, gasping as her teeth found his lower lip.

Kate paused when she heard a dull thump as she pulled off his right boot, and she looked down to see that a straight razor had fallen out. “Razor in the boot?” she asked, picking it up and examining the blade. “This can’t be for self-defense, it’s too hard to get to under all these straps and buckles. What’s it for?”

“I think I know,” Janie answered. She had half pulled off his overshirt and was looking down at his exposed left arm. Curious, Kate straddled his legs and leaned over Janie’s shoulder to look. Rows of scars ran from the back of his hand up the arm in neat horizontal lines to disappear into his sleeve. “You weren’t kidding, were you?” Janie asked, sliding her fingertips over the scars, feeling the texture of his skin.

She had seen a fair bit of the BDSM world, especially since she met Kate, whose mark was branded on more than a couple of her previous lovers, but Janie had never seen this before, not in person anyway. It fascinated her, the way they covered his arm almost completely, nowhere more than a quarter inch apart, and in many places actually overlapping one another. They had all healed well, the lines clean and sharp, not ragged at all, though she didn’t see any of the parallel dots that would have indicated stitches.

The thought of all that pain and pleasure mixed together excited her, and she bit her lip, imagining adding her own lines to the collection. A slight moan escaped her lips, and without thinking, she began to lightly grind her hips on his belly.

Sliding his sleeve up, trying to see how far the lines went, Kate noticed that at the shoulder, the lines began to intermingle with dots, a kind of scar she had never seen before. Needles would have left holes, and knives didn’t leave circular scars like that. She practically climbed over Janie to pull his shirt off, trying to get a closer look.

Apparently used to this kind of scrutiny, he rolled over to let her see his back, somehow managing to not unseat either of the women who were straddling him at the time. The line scars stopped at the top of his shoulder, but the dots extended across his back, both shoulders, the back of his neck, and extended down as far as his shoulder-blades did. Kate’s curiosity about them was aroused, but Janie was just aroused, bending down to bite his shoulder as her hands explored his body.

It didn’t take long for the soft whimpers and satisfied purrs of the two to get Kate just as revved as they were, though Janie’s round ass grinding between her thighs surely contributed as much as anything else. Smiling at her lover’s moans, she kissed Janie’s neck and slowly pulled her dress up over her head.

This wasn’t exactly how they had planned it out. Kate was supposed to dance for him, and Janie was supposed to tease him slowly. Well, one thing the Marines had taught Kate was that any plan you couldn’t drop when the situation changed wasn’t worth the dirt it was scratched into. Now was the time to improvise, adapt, overcome… That, and Janie’s moaning had her so turned on, she couldn’t think straight anyway.

Clothing was thrown aside and forgotten, lips traced damp lines on hot skin, and nails were dragged screaming down sides and backs. They both liked it rough, but he was something new for them. Dominant masochists are fairly uncommon, and being able to take the submissive role while still inflicting pain was a wonderful change of pace. It took a bit for them to get a feel for how far he was willing to go, but when he told Kate to try to break his ribs, they understood: he wanted them to go too far. This was going to be fun.

Janie was pinned beneath him, watching Kate leaning on his back, biting his neck when she felt her fingers being wrapped around something hard and smooth, curved just as though it was made to fit into her hand. Glancing down, she saw it was the ivory handle of the razor. For a moment, she wasn’t quite sure what to do, but it wasn’t long before the remembered the scars. She hesitated, trying to decide how best to mark him, when he snarled in her ear, “Don’t think. Do it now!”

He bucked inside her, making her cry out in pleasure, and blood ran down his arm. She didn’t even know she had cut him, but the a neat red line on his arm lined up perfectly with the white scars she had been admiring so recently. The sight of his blood dripping onto Janie’s breast drove Kate into a passion, biting and scratching, and punching until he completely lost all control. Growling, he slammed into Janie harder and faster, his teeth clamping down on her shoulder as he fucked her. Again and again, she sliced into his arm, moaning as the blood flowed, dripping over her hand.

Surprisingly, it was Kate who came first, the voyeuristic delight of watching her lover get off on the uncontrolled knife play sending her screaming over the edge. The low crack as she pounded a hammerfist into his side made it clear why he followed so quickly afterward. The near-simultaneous orgasm of her two lovers was more than enough to send Janie tumbling over the edge she’d been clinging to for some time now, and her moans and gasps immediately triggered Kate again.

As they lay tangled together, gasping for breath and covered in sweat, blood, and bruises, he gently kissed them both and smiled to himself. “It’s pronounced Rystefn.”


“So,” Kate asked, looking around for her panties, “how did you get those scars on your back?”

“I’m sorry,” Rystefn said with a mischievous grin. “You only paid for one answer.”

He winked and walked towards the back of the apartment, then stopped as though a sudden thought had occurred at just that moment. “Although,” he called over his shoulder,” if you ladies care to join me in the shower, we can work on earning you another…”


2 Responses to “Sin of the Week: Lust”

  1. Kay said

    holy crap.

    I think you win for the lusty-est response!

    NTFW indeed… good thing I was home!!!

    I am almost afraid of what you will write for the next one….

  2. Rystefn said

    Not sure how I could top that with a post about sloth…

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