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I don’t have a solution

Posted by Rystefn on January 8, 2009

Somewhat longer than I expected, and now I’m back. During my absence, I came across something that is frustrating, but not surprising: even though it was utterly destroyed in the courts, the concept of Intelligent Design has a strong foothold in the moderate Christian camp. Not ID as the creators mean it, but the phrase itself, which is certainly what they intended when they called it that. To the average person, the phrase “intelligent design” means nothing more than guided/directed evolution, or even deism. The idea of a designer that set the universal constants in place and then didn’t touch anything in 14 billion years falls under the heading of ID to the lay person. No wonder it’s so hard to fight.

The fundamentalists and YECs have been allowed to choose the battlefield and to arrange it such that it appears to the people in the middle that they are on the Creationists side, and act as though that were the case.Much as they have also pitched the idea to so many that evolution = atheism, and the the Big Bang = atheism, and that evolution = the Big Bang.

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to convince people of these basic facts of the universe? That’s why. Because they’ve been primed to reject the idea out of hand without so much as listening to it.

Of course, anyone can list off problems, how about some solutions? Frankly, I haven’t got any. All we can do is the best we can, and hope we’re making some headway. Education is the key, but with so many actively avoiding learning the facts, it’s a long, hard road to teach it.


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