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To Open the Door, Part 1

Posted by Rystefn on December 16, 2008

I wrote this short story a couple of years ago to do something a little different (at the time I was writing mostly fantasy stuff). At first, I considreed posting it all in one big piece, but it has a couple of convenient break-points, so I’m going to take advantage of that and put it in smaller sections. This first one is very tiny, but don’t worry – the other two are quite a bit longer.

Fair warning: it’s still pretty rough becuase partway through editing, I noticed that there’s clearly much more to the story here, and decided to adapt it to a longer form piece and explore more of the story.

What I was about to do was against all the rules… rules in place for my protection and for hers. I lived in a dangerous world, and bringing her into it would only make it more dangerous.
In my world, it’s almost impossible to know who can and who cannot be trusted. We’re supposed to assume that no one falls into the “can” category. Almost everyone who finds out calls us monsters; goes to the authorities; has us hunted down. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of us have died out over the years proving the truth of this.

That’s the reason for the rule, I suppose; the only hard and fast rule we have, really. For a moment, I stopped to consider the rule and the risk to both of us inherent in breaking it – from her people if they find out who I am; from my people if they find out I told her about us.

I looked down at her; she was sleeping on her stomach, as usual, her head cradled in her arms. Honey-blond hair spilled across the pillow in shining waves, and her soft, pink lips were slightly parted like they were waiting to be kissed. I remembered the passion in her kisses – as though there was nothing else in the entire world except the two of us.

Suddenly I was thinking, not of the dangers and the risks, but of her warm skin beneath my fingers, of her blue eyes flashing as she laughed, of the two of us together sharing in life and love – of the sound of her softly whispering my name in a moment of passion.
Hell, I never much cared for the rules anyway…


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