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Speed Bumps

Posted by Rystefn on December 3, 2008

It’s been rather a longish time since I said I was still writing. I’d lay the blame on holiday rush, but that would be a flagrant lie. That took away maybe three days at most. Another four for two weekends of RenFest. That leaves a lot of time wherein I just wasn’t writing… well, I wasn’t writing here. I’m at a difficult place in a story I’ve been trying to write for a rather long time, you see, and I’m determined to get past it. There’s a fairly major transition where the tale changes from a small, personal story to a small, personal story set in the middle of a raging conflict. I’m at the point where the conflict is ramping up, and I’m trying to decide how much detail of the beginnings to include. It’s kind of a complicated choice, because the story is told first person, through the eyes of someone intimately tied to several of the major players, but who is not a major player, if that makes sense.

All of the early events leading up to the conflict in question are witnessed by our narrator, but it’s not the story of the early days of the conflict I’m trying to tell, so it’s not easy to know how much to include and how much to gloss over. If you’re wondering why I’m being so vague, it’s because I’m not looking for answers, and enough of my readership has read pieces of the story that I couldn’t avoid getting it, I think. I’m just giving an update and an explanation for my silence of late.

If you’re the curious sort, I’m not the sort who’s against sharing unfinished work, but I am the sort who is against putting it out in public, so I won’t be posting it here, but I might be persuaded to e-mail the first chapter or two if you’re curious.


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