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Fish Don’t Turn into Monkeys

Posted by Rystefn on November 15, 2008

…they did, however, evolve that path over the course of a disgustingly large number of years.

This post has exactly nothing to do with The Last Road, but it’s a convenient way for me to put this information all in the same place. If I didnt’ give you the url to here at the college Saturday night, you’re not the one for whom I’ve done this, but feel free to peruse anyway.

A quick and easy explanation of the difference between macro- and microevolution here.

However, I recommend checking out these excellent videos by cdk007

Of course, almost anything cdk makes is top-notch. Same goes for thunderf00t.

For some specifics about massive biological changes over time, here’s a short video about whales and the process by which they returned to the sea:

Not too long ago, scientists found another great trasnistion, this time from water to land with Tiktallik, a creature stradding the line between fish and tetrapod some 375 million years ago.

Of course, a truly comprehensive discussion of the subject goes far beyond the scope of any conversation the two of us would likely have, since that’s the stuff of which PhD theses are made. However, there is a wealth of information out there if you’re curious. If you like a more technical take with more than a little dry humor and a touch of invective, you might try Pharyngula. Or, if you prefer a more friendly and social dynamic, I highly recommend SkepChick and Teen SkepChick… Just, if you do go there, you should probably not mention me, since I’m not exactly the most popular person just now.

In the end, always remember this: Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. Stuy hard. Be evil.


2 Responses to “Fish Don’t Turn into Monkeys”

  1. Man!! said

    I can’t BELIEVE that you’re trying to recommend their sites after how you treated them. 😦

  2. Rystefn said

    Why would I not recommend a good site to someone looking for information? I’m sorry, but I just can’t follow your reasoning. In fact, I rather suspect there is no reasoning there at all, just residual pissed-offedness.

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