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He’s Gone

Posted by sabrinaremains on October 10, 2008

I can’t write this now. Maybe later.


11 Responses to “He’s Gone”

  1. SteveT said

    I am deeply sorry for your loss, Sabrina. Rystefn will be missed by many, including quite a few who had never met him. I include myself in that latter group. You had a difficult task to fulfill, updating people on his condition without telling them things Ryst didn’t want them to know. I think you handled it with remarkable poise and grace, and I thank you for generosity of spirit. I doubt many others would have done as well under the circumstances. As I have said, I disagreed with Rsytefn on many (probably most) things, but I will always remember him for his willingness to be brutally honest, even when that honesty didn’t shine a pretty light on him. He seemed to me to be a raw, pure, unfiltered sort of person, with little desire for self deception. That is a quality found only rarely in people. I cringe to think of what the world would be like if everyone were like Rystefn in that regard. But it’s important to have at least a few people around who are like that. Kind of like a cold, strong wind that sweeps down out of the mountains and chills you to the bone. Too much of that and you would freeze to death, but it can sure be invigorating when it happens every once in a while!

    Fair winds and following seas, Rsytefn.

    And for you, Sabrina,

    “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”
    — Dr. Seuss

  2. I don’t even know what to say, because the truth is I have no idea what you’re going through. I think Steve articulated himself pretty well, much better than I can. I’m not very eloquent about these things.

    Rystefn certainly will live on in our memories. I’ll have a drink for him tonight and I will tell my partner that I love him dearly.

    You did a wonderful thing for him these last days. Although I’m sure it was painful for you, I hope you can find some solace in knowing that.

  3. Thank you, Sabrina.

    When you (or whoever) can, I’d like to know what got him. I never got close enough to feel I could ask, and I’d like to do something about making sure it gets fewer people in the future, if possible.

  4. Phil Plait said

    Sabrina, our hearts are with you. I didn’t know him well, but I do know those who did. It may not sound like much now, but please know that he touched a great many people, and that his memory will continue on.

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  6. Jeni Gray said

    Sabrina, I’m so sorry. I echo the above comments. Let us know if he had a favorite charity that we can donate to in his memory.


  7. podblack said

    Agreed – thank you for posting.

  8. sabrinaremains said

    I’m sorry… I have a letter from him he wanted me to post, and to mail to people and email, but… It’s too soon. I can’t do it. It hurts too much. Please be patient with me. I’m sorry.

  9. SteveT said


    Please stop apologizing for being human! The depth of your bond with Rsytefn is clear in your words, as is the depth of your grief. You don’t owe us anything other than a commitment to go through the grieving process and come out the other side. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we can wait as long as you need us to wait before you post Rystefn’s letter.

    I wouldn’t know you if I saw you on the street, but I do care about your well-being. Right now you need to take time for yourself. When you’re ready, we’ll be here.

    Peace and blessings,

  10. killyosaur said


    ditto SteveT’s post.

  11. Imrryr said

    Take as much time as you need, Sabrina. You’ve done more than enough for us already.

    Thanks for letting us know.

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