The Last Road

Living every day like it's the last… because one day, it will be.

So Stubborn

Posted by sabrinaremains on October 3, 2008

I stayed extra late with Rystefn tonight. His mood improved a lot when he heard from A. I think she was someone he was waiting specifically to hear from. But he’s still going downhill. He can’t even get out of bed on his own now, and he has trouble holding anything. He doesn’t want help, but he can’t do much without it. He’s so proud and so stubborn. He tried to talk about going out tomorrow night. I honestly don’t know if he was lucid or not at the time. I don’t know which would be worse.

He has a living will saying what he wants and doesn’t want done. If he didn’t, they would have gone against his wishes today. Kate can do a lot, but not this. The doctor said he probably shortened his own life. Possibly by several days. He’s so stubborn sometimes.

He told me that he had a piece of short fiction saved in the drafts. He was waiting for a good time to publish it here. He doesn’t think this is a very good time, but he wanted me to put it up anyway. If you like it, I’ll be sure to tell him. If you don’t think its good, you can still tell him. He would probably like that. I will put it up with his name, since he wrote it.


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