The Last Road

Living every day like it's the last… because one day, it will be.


Posted by Rystefn on October 3, 2008

We could use some help. If you know where Innsmouth is, we could REALLY use some help. I think we’re safe for now, but who knows what’s going to happen next…

I met with Megan tonight at a local bar, and things were going well. Chris and Luke showed up, and we sat around talking, and generally having a good time. This guy Megan knows showed up and asked her to run an errand for him, so we all volunteered to take care of it.

So Luke drives us all up to Innsmouth, this little town way out in BFE, and we’re looking around the place when we see this cop walking down the street. Luke stops him and asks for directions and whatnot, but being Luke, he gets a bit lippy with the guy. Of course, no help there. Fucking Luke…

Anyway, we eventually find this hotel and decide to stop over for the night and do the thing tomorrow morning. Shit went straight to Hell right fast. Some guy offers to show me some art in the back office (I guess I said something about being an artist or something – shit’s a little hazy), then comes after me with a fucking cleaver! I’m going to need stitches in my arm, but after I put a few bullets in him, he went down. Luke heard the shots or something, and kicked in the door, Chris and Megan right behind, but too late to do much… well except freak out and start talking to himself.

We’re trying to figure out what we’re going to do (it turns out there’s not a phone anywhere in the building and Innsmouth doesn’t have shit for cell connection… not that anyone answered when we got through anyway), when we hear pounding on the door. Luke goes to check it out, and gets shot through the door. He’s still alive and all, but catching a few pellets in the lung from a shotgun isn’t good for him, and we’re not exactly in a hospital here. In through the door comes this cop… I think it might be the one from earlier, hard to say. I drop my pistol and raise my good hand, but the fucker just opens up again, grazing my arm, which hurts like a sonofabitch now I can tell you – after the cleaver and all. He turns on Chris and there’s a mad scramble all over the place for weapons – I get mine and squeeze off a round, Megan and Chris get the cop’s gun somehow, and Luke (I’ll never know how he had the strength to do it) manages to get off a shot from the floor bleeding right into the guy’s spine. Now everyone’s freaking out, but we somehow managed to get ourselves barricaded upstairs, Chris bandages up my arm and Luke’s chest more or less. I think I can make it, but Luke’s in a bad way.

So here we are, holed up in a hotel, Luke is down, I’m cut and shot, Chris is covered in the cop’s blood, we only have three rounds left if it gets bad again, and Megan is seriously freaking out and trying to get sex for some reason. I hope we can hold connection long enough to get this up… We need help.


One Response to “Innsmouth”

  1. SteveT said


    I’m sorry to hear Rystefn isn’t doing any better. “Stubborn” certainly seems to be one of the words that describes him well. Although I would have to say that it doesn’t really seem to capture the full extent of what he can be like. 😉

    Tell Rystefn that his story is GREAT! I am burning up with curiousty to know what happens to these folks next. Tell him he now has a responsibility to hold on until he can at least finish the story the way it deserves to be finished.

    Peace and blessings, Sabrina.

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